Defending civil rights

Legal advice

Legal representation is very important in order to live according to the rules in force. In this sense, the services of legal advisors are very important to benefit from expert support. Private law or civil rights, the excellence of legal advice works in your favour. Contractual, social or legal techniques ? The experts guide you through optimised counselling. Law graduates, the representatives of the law are at the service of society.

Legal guide

Looking for legal information ?

Family law

A specialised guide in the field of family law.

Employment law

Find out about the rules governing labour relations in the private sector.

Fundamental rights and freedoms

Freedom of expression, freedom of association, assembly or privacy ? Find out the legal information to assert the fundamental rights governing human life in society.

Women's rights


Women’s equal rights and freedom are at the centre of international debate. Maryam Rajavi is one of the greatest figures in history, fighting for women’s freedom in Iran. This struggle is marked by great changes for women. Freedom of expression, the right to work and the right to vote are the first steps towards equal rights.

Legal training

Diplomatic training in law

Civil law

Specialised training to master the legal aspect of the relationship between individuals.

Real estate law

Advisor ? go to law school and specialise in real estate law.

Children's law

An optimised training to specialise in children’s law and protect the most vulnerable.

Corporate Law

Discover the scope of business law to work in the legal branches of business.

Legal advisor

The legal expert guides you and advises you in order to solve all your legal problems.

Legal Bailiff

Advice and intervention ? Call on a bailiff to better carry out legal assignments.

Questions / Answers

Do you have questions about the law?

Family law or labour law? Call on a legal expert and find the answer to all your questions. They will guide you through your legal and administrative procedures.

Salary dispute

Real estate sales

Divorce proceedings

Law firms

Being accompanied by a specialist lawyer

Business law or criminal law ? Consult a specialised lawyer to benefit from expert support. They are qualified and master the workings of the legal profession with excellence and perfection.

Being accompanied by a specialised lawyer is a golden opportunity to be legally represented. Before the law and before the justice of men, the latter pleads in your favour to win your case. So take advantage of his know-how to better settle legal disputes and legal transactions amicably. The help of a lawyer is essential to act in accordance with the law.

Online legal consulting & advice

In the age of technology, getting information about a legal problem is easier. Take advantage of online advice and optimise your information gathering by contacting a legal expert. Thus, online legal advice allows you to quickly and successfully legalise your actions.